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The 5 Best Places to Visit in North Vancouver

North Vancouver is one of the best places to live. Close to the mountains, and downtown Vancouver. It has one of the most beautiful malls in Vancouver, Park Royal besides the Capilano River merging into the ocean. There are many ocean front spots to enjoy the view of the city, boats, floatplanes, cruise-ships, commercial vessels, and even the sealions soaking the sun. Going for a hike in the mountains is easy, as it is in the backyard of all residents.

Now, which places are the best to visit?

1.- Grouse Mountain :

You can reach the top by gondola where you can find 4 restaurants at different price levels, and of course, the main attraction is the ski resort during winter, and spring. During the summer, you can hike the famous Grouse Grind and then come down in the Gondola, or hike other trails like the BCMC as a popular alternative.

In the snow months you can also try the Snow Shoe Grind, the equivalent of the Grouse Grind.

2.- Capilano Suspension Bridge:

An exciting experience to cross this long suspension bridge that crossed on top of the Capilano River. It also has the canopy tree top adventure walk where you are hanging high on the trees with connecting suspension small bridges between huge fir trees. There are also trails, where you can admire this ancient trees that are more than 400 years old!

Another newer attraction is the CliffWalk where you can view the Capilano Canyon in a thrilling way.

3.- Lonsdale Quay / Shipyards District

The Lonsdale Quay market has been a tradition in the North Shore for decades, but the new Shipyards District is the new transformed area with modern new buildings, restaurants, museum, shopping boutiques, social plaza. It has the new Capilano University campus and really great trendy breweries and restaurants to choose from.

This is the new heart of North Vancouver where events take place. Just walk around here and you will feel a sense of community and excitement. This is one of the favourite places to be today. The view of downtown is really incredible. It is bike and super family friendly. Lots of kids love to play around the fountains and Splash park, which during the cold months it converts into an ice rink to keep the fun going.

4.- Cypress Mountain

a great ski resort where they hosted part of the Vancouver Olympics 2010 events, such as the snowboard events.

It is an easy drive from West Vancouver, driving on highway#1 towards the west, taking exit 8. There is a viewpoint half way where you can see the city and is spectacular!

It also has many great trails for hiking during the summer, and snowshoeing during winter/spring. The bonus is that you don't have to spend money for the best snowshoeing trail. It is a quite hard workout, but, if you make it to the top, the reward is unbeatable.

5.- Ambleside Beach

This beach is very nice, as it has a section with sand, and a large playground with a gym for little kids, young and not so young people. It has a dog park where dogs love to play, and swim in the ocean. Doggy owners like to socialize, as they have a lot of topics of conversations around their pet's adventures.

In addition, there are soccer and field hockey fields, a small pitch and put 9-hole golf course, a bicycle path, and a huge public field to through the frisbee, or play whatever you want.

Be sure to visit the North Shore and contact us if you need to stay in this beautiful area of Vancouver:

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