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C-Virus in 2020 Positive Side

Hoping that everyone is safe and healthy these days, we want to show you what nature can do for us in this tough time.

Also, hope that all this negative situation will make us reflect in doing extreme changes in our lives for good. Learn more, focus on important things, such as looking after our neighbours and supporting the community.


It is really a time to see the best in people, as we see all kind of positive actions happening. I saw a few kids singing outside the window of a retirement home in Edgemont Village, people banging their pots and pans at 7PM to celebrate the people working in the health industry, neighbours looking after each other, etc.

Even though we can't interact physically with our friends, this event has got people and families together. Talking more to each other, as we feel closer knowing that people are at their homes more available.


Many resources have come up from companies that want to show support, such as podcasts, webinars and free e-books. It is a great time to acquire more skills and abilities to come back stronger.


In a very rapid way, we have also seen nature changing. Less contamination in the air and animals coming back to places you were not seeing them. An example of this is that the seals and whales have been seen more often at the coast. I have personally being hearing more birds, and this is perhaps, because the less traffic on the roads are not deafening the poor little guys.

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